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Trading Division

"New Products & Soutions to your new needs"

Trading Division deals with non-company products for international trade – both import & export and for the customers within the country and abroad. Trading Division of BEML has been awarded the status of “TRADING HOUSE” by DGFT.

The Division currently deals in a wide variety of items. It also plans to handle all India distribution of industrial products & intermediaries from global suppliers. Exports / Imports of high value projects / products may find BEML’s trading services convenient and valuable. Currently it is working on projects of ARFF, Soft Shelters, Security & Surveillance on UGV’s, etc.,

To enable us to serve you better and respond to your queries quickly and accurately, we request you to provide your details of specific needs / proposals. We would prefer to work on projects starting with your needs and finally arranging a complete solution metin your needs, especially facilitating the same for Government, Quazi Government and other major organizations.

BEML Trading Division now represents the following Mfrs / OEMS with their products (to cater to our needy Indian Customers) :

Inviting Expression of Interest for Trading

For further details please contact:

General Manager
BEML Limited - Trading Division
Unity Buildings, 5th Floor, J.C. Road,
Bangalore - 560 002.
Karnataka, India.
Ph      : +91 80 2296 3522, 2296 3524
Fax    : +91 80 2296 3523, 2296 3520
Email :
URL   :