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State-of-the-Art Test Facilities

R&D Centre at KGF was established in 1984, which is the biggest development centre in India. It is recognized by the Department of Science. This Centre is indeed a vital contribution towards strengthening the earthmover and related industries in the country. Comprehensive facilities in highly specialised areas are available at the Centre. Extensive computerisation has led to highly advanced technology development in various areas of activities in BEML R&D Division like CAD Centre, Fluid Power, Power-Line Testing and Structural Engineering.

Behind the success of R&D division is undoubtedly the brainpower of its highly competent engineers, who are specialised in advanced fields of mechanical design, engine technology, structural engineering, material science, fluid power and electronics. In view of the challenge of diversification plans in the fields of mining, railways, defence, robotics and industrial automation, the company plans to augment the strength of R&D professionals by recruiting skilled manpower.


BEML will build the future business around its core competencies in high tech engineering products for defence and chosen areas by developing people competencies, upgrading technologies, innovating and adding value to the products with in-house R&D and HRD efforts aiming towards self-reliance.


BEML will strive to maintain a balanced growth with profitability in all its activities and strive for domestic market and global presence by developing a strong brand name.

R&D Focus

  • To design and develop State-of-the-Art products to meet the demands of core sectors viz. Defence, Mining, Railways and Infrastructure.
  • Build total self-reliance in earthmoving and related technology.
  • Update current products for higher performance, reliability and be a leader in the field.
  • Create test facilities for evaluating equipment and aggregates performance and reliability.

R&D Activities

  • Study and Evaluation of Technological Innovations
  • Upgradation of Existing Products
  • Development of New Products through In-House R&D
  • Introduction of New Products through Technology Transfer
  • In-House Development of Critical Hi-Tech Aggregates
  • Joint Development with Industries & Academic Institutions
  • Representing BEML in various Technology Forums
  • Patenting and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Activities
  • Collaborative R&D with DSIR Laboratories
  • Collaborative Product Development with Funding Agencies like TIFAC
  • Company Standardisation Activities
  • Technology absorption and Indigenisation on ToT

Major Activities

  • Design and development of new products
  • Development of various aggregates for Dozers, Dumpers, Excavators and other Defence and Railway Products

Products Developed by In-House R&D

  • Defence
    • Tank Transportation Trailer
    • PMS Bridge
    • Crash Fire Tender
    • Aircraft Towing Tractor
    • Aircraft Weapon Loading Trolley
    • Missile Launcher on Tatra
    • Ammunition Loader Vehicle
    • Backhoe Loader Transport Vehicle
    • Wagons
    • Milrail Coach
    • Variants on BEML -Tatra Trucks
      • Prithvi Missile Launcher
      • Field Artillery Tractor
      • Crash Fire Tender
      • 30 M Mobile Mast
      • Ammunition Loader
      • 15 m Bridge- Sarvatra
    • Pontoon Bridge system
    • Trailers - 50 T, 20 T

  • Mining & Construction
    • Dump Trucks - 40T, 60T, 70T & 100T
    • Excavators 7T, 10T (C/W) & 20T
    • Side Discharge Loader
    • Load Haul Dumper
    • BH100 Rear Dumper
    • BG605A Motor Grader
    • Pipe Layer - 100T
    • Remote Controlled Dozer
    • Snow Cutter

  • Rail & Metro
    • Over Head Equipment (OHE) Inspection Car
    • Stainless EMU
    • Track Laying Equipment
    • Utility Track Vehicle (UTV)
    • Railbus
    • Spoil Disposal Unit
    • Treasury Van
    • Skybus

  • Underground Mining
    • 1 Cu.m. Bucket Capacity Side Discharge Loader
    • Side Discharge Loader with Cable Reeler Drum
    • Side Discharge Loader with Side Tipping Bucket
    • Load Haul Dumper with1.5 Cu.m. Push Plate Bucket
    • 5 Ton Granby Car
    • 10 Ton Granby Car

  • Axle Technology
    • BL1420, BL30, BL40, BL54 Loaders
    • BH35-2, BH60, BH70, BH85-1, BH100 Dumpers
    • BG605-A Motor Grader

  • Transmission Technology
    • Dozers, Loaders and Dumpers
    • 230HP Dozer Transmission
    • 450HP, 715HP and 950HP Dumper Transmissions with Computerised Gearshift Control
    • 420HP Loader Transmission with Electro-Hydraulic Control

Electronics Group

Today’s increased safety, operator comfort, less burden on environment and reduced operating expenditure are the driving forces of increasing use of electronics on mining & construction equipment. In order to promote use of electronics on BEML equipment to gain competitive edge a specialised electronics group has been established.

The main objectives include:

  • To develop new basic technologies in vehicle sub-systems and integrate to achieve total power train control for optimum performance and to automate work function.
  • To induct state-of-the-art microelectronics based technology to develop customised, compact, intelligent and sophisticated latest generation mechatronic modules.
  • Indigenisation of defence/mining equipment electrical/electronic items.
  • To develop Telemetry & Radio Control technology for vehicle application.
  • Automation of test rigs of R&D labs for precision control and data acquisition to improve test technology.
  • To provide calibration and service support of instrumentation and control system of test rigs Development activities.

The Products developed by Electronics Group are:

  • Unified Electronic Controller
  • Multi Functional Vehicle Data Recorder
  • Radio Control Dozer under TIFAC
  • Portable Equipment Weighing System
  • Transmission Controller
  • LCD Guage
  • Payload Meter Rear Surveillance

Awards for R&D Excellence

  • DSIR Award - Outstanding R&D Achievements: 1990- 91
  • CII Award - Excellence In Technology: 1986-87
  • SEI Award - Company Standardisation 1990, 1992 & 1995
  • Accredited For Calibration of Pressure & Flow

CAD Centre


  • Establish State-of-the-Art facility in CAD/CAE for design and development of earthmoving equipment and aggregates to meet international standards.
  • Develop software for simulation / application to suit in-house requirement.
  • Provide consultancy and training to various departments in the area of computers.
  • Achieve total computerisation of R&D activities incorporating emerging Information Technology.


a) Hardware

  • Switched Local Area Network comprising Ethernet Switch, Hubs and Line Drivers.
  • Windows XP Operating System.
  • HP design workstations with high end graphics.

b) Software

  • IDEAS/UG-NX, Pro-E, Autodesk Inventor Professional Series and software packages for 3D modeling and Analysis.
  • ANSYS for FEM Analysis and Optimisation.
  • ADAMS for Kinematics and motion Analysis of systems.
  • UltraArc Robot Offline Programming Simulation for Arc Welding application.
  • AutoCAD for drafting Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Foxpro for application software Development

In-House Developed Software

  • BemlKam: Nesting of drawing profiles & production scheduling for CNC machines at Plate shop.
  • Pipe bending: To create automated production drawings of pipes by a novice user.
  • Gear design: Gear geometry for Internal and External Spur and Helical Gear pair. Contact & Bending Stress for Spur and Helical Gear pair. Addendum modification coefficient. Gear Inspection parameter.
  • Vehicle Performance Simulation: Predicts vehicle performance for varying operating condition.
  • Library management Software: Library management through interactive user friendly screen.

Development Activities

  • Design and development starting from conceptual design with kinematic feasibility study, modeling, stress analysis and optimisation through finite element method for the on going R&D projects.
  • Networking various test laboratories with CAD centre for centralized information gathering and use for design verification/validation.
  • Develop, document, implement and enforce CAD standards.
  • Replace Virtual Prototyping in place of existing Physical Prototyping being followed during product development process.
  • To evaluate and implement product data management (PDM) system.

State-of-the-Art Test Facilities

  1. Fluid Power Laboratory (View Brochure)

    Fluid Power plays an important role in the functioning of all earthmoving equipment. About 25% of the components that go into the assembly of earthmoving equipment comprise hydraulic systems. The fluid power laboratory was totally planned and executed through in-house expertise with indigenous resources available in the country.

  2. Powerline Laboratory (View Brochure)

    Powerline Laboratory was established by BEML at its R&D centre in KGF, in 1989. It has extensive facilities for evaluating transmissions, axles, torque converters and other gear drives.

  3. Structural Engineering Laboratory (View Brochure)

    The structural engineering laboratory established in 1987 is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in fatigue testing, experimental stress analysis using strain gauge technique. The laboratory is involved in testing, evaluation and validation of structural components.

  4. Material Science Laboratory (View Brochure)

    The Material Science laboratory was set up in 1987 for testing and analysis of materials to aid chemical, mechanical and micro structure studies.

R&D is looking forward to provide quality testing services to the Industry. Interested parties may please contact:

Shri Radhakrishna KR
Chief General Manager (R&D),
Kolar Gold Fields - 563 115.
Karnataka, India.
Ph: +91 8153 264704 / 263228
Fax: +91 8153 263129

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