Rail Coach Unit - II (KGF Complex)

During the year 2004, BEML Limited through a lease agreement with Bharat Gold Mines Limited (BGML) had taken over the erstwhile Nundydroog workshop for the purpose of developing the same into a manufacturing unit to supplement the efforts of Bangalore complex. The premises consisted of Factory workshops and other buildings with a total area covering 22 acres.

BEML has engaged ex-BGML employees and their children with requisite qualifications and experience for manufacture / fabrication of Railway components / sub-assemblies. In addition, the unit also supplemented the efforts for manufacture of structures for BOMN, BFAT & BRSTN wagons, to meet the defence requirements.

BEML has engaged the services of 3 sub-contractors, who have been allotted areas available for manufacture of components and sub-assemblies.

BEML constructed two new Hangers viz. Under Frame Hanger and Shell Hanger were dedicated to the nation on 9th October 2007. The shell hanger consists of 3 assembly lines. Two Traversers are available for transferring shells in between the assembly lines. The hangers are equipped with two numbers of each 10 T and 20 T EOT cranes. The initial capacity of hangers is to fabricate 80 Railcoach shells per annum.

The Unit has the facilities to fabricate/produce the products depicted below:

  • Railcoach Shells
  • BOMN Wagon Structures
  • BFAT Wagon Structures
  • BRSTN Wagon Structures

The Unit offers assistance to other divisions in the following areas:-

  • Fabrication & Supply of Head Stock, Body Bolster, Partition Assemblies and other Railcoach Components required for Bangalore Complex.
  • Fabrication & Supply of BOMN, BFAT & BRSTN Wagon Structures required for Earth Moving Division and Bangalore Complex.
  • Machining Assistance of Idlers to Earth Moving Division.
  • Machining assistance of Axle Shafts to Hydraulics & Powerline Division.
  • Fettling & Grinding of Castings supplied by Vignyan Industries Limited.

The Unit has the facilities for Grit Blasting and Painting. Further expansion plans are under progress for complete Furnishing of Rail Coaches with Bogie Fitment and Delivery.

BEML has plans to start a separate Bogie manufacturing facility as a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) to cater to both domestic and export markets.

For further details please contact:

Rail Coach Unit - II
BEML Limited,
KGF Complex, BEML Nagar,
Kolar Gold Fields 563 115.
Karnataka, India.
Ph: +91 8153 261613

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