Details of Contracts concluded during the Month September '09 above Threshold value
Sl. No. Tender No. Item / Nature of work Mode of Tender  Date of Publication of NIT Type of Bidding (Single / Two Bid system Last date of receipt of tender  Nos. of tenders received Nos. & names of parties qualified after tech. evaluation Nos. & names of parties not qualified after tech. evaluation Whether contract awarded to lowest tenderers/ evaluated L-1 Contract No. & Date Name of Contractors Value of Contract  in Rs. In lakhs Scheduled date of completion of supplies  Delivery Qty
A. WORKS CONTRACT - value above Rs.50 lakhs.
B. SERVICE CONTRACT - value above Rs.15 lakhs.
C. CAPITAL & NON PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.100 lakhs.
D. PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.200 lakhs.
1 Action taken
based on the
Dtd 03/08/2009
Sealing Ring,
Gear Shift Boosters
Single NA Single NA one one zero Yes
(Placed on
the collabarator,
ordered as per
collabarators price
list agreement)
TATRA SIPOX (UK) LTD. 221.7 31.11.2009 32450 Nos
2 BR01/RM2
Schd Air
Brake Equipts
Limited 16/05/2009 Two 06/02/2009 Four 1) Faiveley Ltd.
2) Knorr Bremse (I) Pvt Ltd
3) Escorts Ltd
4) Stone India Ltd
Nil Yes,                                             
Total order qty
divided 60% for
faiveley, 30%
for Knorr Bremse
and 20% for Escorts
FAIVELEY TRANSPORT INDIA LTD 289.18 31/12/2010 351 Nos
3 CP00/DDB
Platform Assy Limited 07/06/2009 Single 17/07/2009                   Four                                                  1) M/s Suvidha Industries
2) M/s VKS Industries
3) M/s Metalcraft Industries
4) Vectra Auto components
NIL Yes 4650004551
VECTRA ADVANCED ENGINEERING 360.36 30.05.2005 355 Nos
4 1000003892 Winch Assy complete Single 27/04/2009 Single 05/12/2009 one M/s Vulcan Gears Nil Yes 4550003512
VULCAN GEARS 1281.60 30.08.2010 801 Nos