Contracts concluded above threshold value for the month of October 2010
Sl. No. Tender No/Enquiry No Item / Nature of work Mode of Tender  Date of Publication of NIT Type of Bidding (Single / Two Bid system Last date of receipt of tender  Nos. of tenders received Nos. & names of parties qualified after tech. evaluation Nos. & names of parties not qualified after tech. evaluation Whether contract awarded to lowest tenderers/ evaluated L-1 Contract No. & Date Name of Contractors Value of Contract  in Rs. In lakhs Scheduled date of completion of supplies.  Delivery Qty 
A. WORKS CONTRACT - value above Rs.50 lakhs.
B. SERVICE CONTRACT - value above Rs.15 lakhs.
1 CPC/WAN/Connectivity/2010-11 Providing Bandwidth for WAN connectivity Limited 29/07/2010 Two Bid System 16/08/2010  Two  Two Zero Yes CPC-319 Dtd 19/10/2010 M/s Reliance Communication Ltd 42.85 Three years Not applicable
1) Reliance Communication Ltd 1) Reliance Communication Ltd
2 CGM(F)/MAMC/2010 Dtd 13/10/2010 (approval ref) Updation of Techno Economic Feasibility Study  Single NA NA NA NA NA NA NA CPC-320 Dtd 20/10/2010 1) M/s Indian Institute of Management 20  (7.5 Lakhs for each firm) End of November 2010 Not applicable
2) IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd
3 BEML/2/IFRS/2010-11   Consultancy service for Implementation of IFRS Open Tender 17/09/2010 Two Bid System 27/09/2010 Six  Three Three
1) S.R.Batliboi & Associates
2)  Sharp and Tannan
3) SF and Associates  
Yes CPC-334 Dtd 27/10/2010 M/s KPMG 30 upto 31/05/2013 Not applicable
1) KPMG 1) KPMG 1) S.R.Batliboi & Associates
2) S.R.Batliboi & Associates 2) Deloitte Haskins and Sells 2)  Sharp and Tannan
3) Deloitte Haskins and Sells 3) Price water House Coopers 3) SF and Associates  
4) Sharp and Tannan    
5) SF and Associates    
6) Price water House Coopers    
4 CPC/Six Sigma/2010 Six sigma Training to officers Limited 23/06/2010 Two Bid system 14/07/2010 Six one Five NA CPC-327 Dtd 22/10/2010 M/s TQM International Pvt Ltd 20 one year from the date of PO Not applicable
1) NIQR 1) TQM International Pvt Ltd 1) NIQR
2) ADAAP Process Solutions Pvt Ltd   2) ADAAP Process Solutions Pvt Ltd
3) Business Excellence Institure   3) Business Excellence Institure
4) Price Water Coopers Ltd   4) Price Water Coopers Ltd
5) Anexas Consulting   5) Anexas Consulting 
6) TQM international Ltd    
C. CAPITAL & NON PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.100 lakhs.
1 CPC/PLM/10-11 Procurement of Software, Hardware and Implementation of PLM Limited 20/05/2010 Two Bid System 17/06/2010 Four Two 1) L&T Infotech
2)Wipro Infotech           
Yes CPC-314  Dtd 18/10/10 M/s Tata Consultancy Services  956.85 one year from the date of Release of PO Not Applicable
1) L&T Infotech 1) IBM India Pvt Ltd 2)Wipro Infotech           
2) IBM India Pvt Ltd 2) TCS Ltd  
3) Wipro Infotech    
4) TCS Ltd    
D. PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.10 lakhs.