Details of Contracts concluded during the Month Jul'09 above Threshold value
Sl. No. Tender No. Item / Nature of work Mode of Tender  Date of Publication of NIT Type of Bidding (Single / Two Bid system Last date of receipt of tender  Nos. of tenders received Nos. & names of parties qualified after tech. evaluation Nos. & names of parties not qualified after tech. evaluation Whether contract awarded to lowest tenderers/ evaluated L-1 Contract No. & Date Name of Contractors Value of Contract  in Rs. In lakhs Scheduled date of completion of supplies.  Delivery Qty
                      A.WORKS CONTRACT-value above Rs.50 lakhs.  
1 CPC/Palakkad
/chain link/
Construction of perimeter
wall/Chain link fencing
for the proposed
manufacturing unit
of BEML Ltd at
Kanjikode, Palakkad,
Kerala District
Limted (Consultancy
concluded against
/Palakkad New Unit/09
Dtd 13/01/2009
29/05/2009 Two bid 06/09/2009 Nine Nine
1) Karmel Construction
2) United construction company
3) CEMEX Engg
4) Mansion
5) Perfect Engg and Contractors
6) Anil Santosh and Associates
7) Malayll Builders Pvt Ltd
8) Consolidated construction and constronium ltd
9) Vellapalli brothers
1) Sasi elor
2) Gayathri structural Roofing Pvt Ltd
3) C Jayanandan
4) KSS Engg   
5) Sadan Errectors Pvt Ltd    
6) Geo George construction Ltd
Yes DGM (CPC)/
Dtd 20/7/2009
M/s Anil Santosh
and Associates
363.73 26/10/2009 Lumpsum
                      B.SERVICE CONTRACT -value above Rs.15 lakhs.  
                      C.CAPITAL & NON PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.100 lakhs.
D. PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.200 lakhs.