Contracts concluded above threshold value for the month of APRIL 2011
Sl. No. Tender No/Enquiry No Item / Nature of work Mode of Tender  Date of Publication of NIT Type of Bidding (Single / Two Bid system Last date of receipt of tender  Nos. of tenders received Nos. & names of parties qualified after tech. evaluation Nos. & names of parties not qualified after tech. evaluation Whether contract awarded to lowest tenderers/ evaluated L-1 Contract No. & Date Name of Contractors Value of Contract  in Rs. In lakhs Scheduled date of completion of supplies.  Delivery Qty 
A. WORKS CONTRACT - value above Rs.50 lakhs.
B. SERVICE CONTRACT - value above Rs.15 lakhs.
1 CPC/TPIA/EM/Y/DIV/2010-11 Third Party Inspection services for inspection of equipments Limited 9/12/2010 Two Bid System 28/12/2010 3 2 Nos.
1) Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt Ltd
2) IRS industrial Services
1 No 
1) M/s RITES
Yes CPC-017 Dtd 08/04/2011 M/s IRS Industrial Services 23 31/03/2012 -
C. CAPITAL & NON PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.100 lakhs.
D. PRODUCTION ITEMS - value above Rs.10 lakhs.