Government of India, Ministry of Defence

A Miniratna Category-1 Company


CVO's Desk


Vidya Bhushan Kumar,IFS
Chief Vigilance Officer


Dear Colleagues,

It's just over a year since I joined BEML as Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO). I have spent my time trying to understand BEML's business operations. I have attempted to visit you all at your workplace to first understand you and your work environment. This has tremendously helped me in setting the work priority. During the year, I have learned so many things which helped in setting the tone of vigilance administration where the right proportion of preventive and punitive actions are balanced out. It has, in a sense been a journey of self-discovery for me too.

Over the period, I have realized that for an effective vigilance administration, organization culture is more important than the policies, rules or code of conduct. Culture is the culmination of the attitudes, values, goals & practices that influence how people behave, particularly in compliance with set rules and regulations of an Organisation. Ethical leaders are the biggest influencers of organization culture as they can create perception by examples that ethics and values are important in organisation operations which are crucial for minimizing risk and building reputation of a Company.

We all are leaders in some sense as we can influence the behaviour of persons beyond our formal authority positions. Let’s take a step and evolve from managers to ethical leaders in our working by influencing the (moral) behaviour of others in such a way that it develops right kind of organisation culture.

Ethical leaders possess the qualities of ethical knowledge, ethical courage, and ethical conduct and help in compliance with rules and policies of the organization. Such leaders articulate the purpose and values of the organization, focus on organizational success instead of personal ego, believe in growing people, promote active decision making, create a living conversation about ethics, values and creating values, appreciate divergent views, empower every employee and encourage open reporting culture.

The face of culture in an organization is the supervisor or controlling officer. So it is the responsibility of each of us to promote right kind of culture in the organization. We as a leader have to work at building right kind of culture because it does not happen as such. One has to work for it continuously. There is no such thing as a value-neutral organization. We either promote good ethics or allow bad ethics to develop.

In my view, building a culture of integrity is the first responsibility of the company. Let us promote a culture where every employee feels comfortable reporting integrity concerns without fear of retaliation. We have to work to bridge the integrity gap between belief and behaviour. Only then we would be able to develop a work environment where punitive vigilance is minimized and compliance is maximized. It is my request to develop ethical leadership style in BEML and work for it. We all can do it and promote right kind of culture where besides meeting our business goals, personal goals ( including self-actualization)  is also achieved.

It is my earnest belief that in the new year 2018, we all will strive to be an ethical leader in our functioning. I trust you all and wish you and your family, a happy and purposeful new year, 2018.

Best Wishes.